Windows 98 Dream Edition
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Windows 98 Dream Edition is a community remaster of Windows 98

It's purpose is for installing it on more modern hardware.
Dream Edition provides custom patches including:

USB Supplement, KernelEx (may be buggy at the moment), PatchMEM.
Some starter programs: XMPlay, Paint Shop Pro, and even a game -- "Holdover" (will be depricated and removed).

You can customize your desktop like in your dreams with multiple featured wallpapers by:
blurry, Razorback members and some awesome uncredited photographers.


Download and install it today!

Get the newest release (Revision 3) via:
HTTP (for legacy browsers)
HTTPS (for security and newer browsers)

Want to experiment?

Set sail towards older releases or tinker around the pre-release branch (in some future)


Media (trailers, screenshots etc.)

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