discord messenger (unofficial release builds)
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Discord Messenger

It's time to ditch MSN and Yahoo.

Discord Messenger is the go to way to chat with your friends ...on an ancient computer??..
..or your 2000$ gaming rig if you prefer going super lightweight.

Compatible with Discord's numerous features, this client allows you to just - go onto Discord like usual!

Originally written by iProgramInCpp and released here as a precompiled build by theblurry99,
allows you to jump to your convos without any knowledge of C++ compiling.

system requirements:
- CPU: Pentium 4 (with SSE2) or newer
- RAM: 64MB or more
- OS: Windows 2000 or newer

If you happen to encounter any issues,
report them to the Github repository, not to my contacts!!!


Downloads and links:

Get the newest release here!

Discord Messenger's original source code

(licence information is included in the zip file)



layout of the app how chatting looks like how chatting looks like

copyright to "blurry" 2020-2024