DreamProject Legacy - Site Version 2.5 is officially out!

Posted on 12.09.2022 at 11:34 (GMT +1) by blurry

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Here we are. After a year long no see, it's time for changes. Big changes to be exact...

When DreamProject Legacy got released, it has gone multiple design changes.
First we started with Site Version 1.0 that looked like this:

screenshot of Version 1 site taken from Wayback Machine.

This version of the website was supported for a solid year (going back to the Neocities version!)
before it was switched to Site Version 2.0 that has it's roots to this day...

screenshot of Version 2 site also taken from Wayback Machine.

And now, after a very long time of wait, I can finally announce that Site Version 2.5, is out!

main page of Version 3.

Now featuring completely rewritten source code from scratch! A layout redesign.
I've changed the borders, gave the website a little more depth. Moved from Microsoft FrontPage to Visual Studio Code, allowing me for a really nice coding experience, including full control over the code. I aimed for the looks friendly for a newcomer, so I've revamped the highlighted text font to be more standing out. The website is now using CSS for style management. This allows me to make shorter lines, by making user classes. In the future, I plan to move DreamProject towards PHP to be even more advanced and maybe support a account system??

Thanks for sticking with me for this long time and for future I may have some plans...

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