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   "The Old Mushroom Jr. - a 13 year old experience so far..." - photo gallery

picture of me playing possibly some browser games, first picture of Old Mushroom Jr. ever taken probably (2008)


picture of my Windows 7 desktop taken (6.04.2021)


picture taken 2 hours after the dualboot application and XP activation through internet (19.11.2019)


scene from that movie by Kugee that inspired the name "Old Mushroom Jr."


picture of the XP desktop taken on 06.04.2021

character on wallpaper: "Zero Two" from "Darling In The Franxx"

original source: https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/67649511 (source find thanks to "jwi", one Razorback member)


picture of the XP desktop taken on 26.03.2019

yes, the wallpaper is my pixelated face


picture of the monitor taken on 26.03.2019

wallpaper: release date of a game "Q.U.B.E."

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