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DreamProject Team is a fan based retro tech group ran by one person, blurry

The whole project became alive somewhere on 30th of June 2020, with the prototype of a fanmade autorun program for Windows 98 CD, that became this:

After that, the whole concept for "Microsoft Windows 98 Dream Edition" was born.

The original meaning of that modification was just a ready package of Windows 98 for "modern usage". KernelEx, USB support, few starter programs, drivers etc.

Development was kinda challeging since, whole modding was done "blind". I did not know anything about INFs, or even the basic build of 98's structure.

All thanks to Kugee, the leader of Razorback. Trust me, if not him, we wouldn't be here. Gave me some necessery tips that helped me a lot throughout the process that pushed the project even further.

Now, in 2021, we're here... the birth... of the DreamProject Team, my first ever project that became a reality...

dreams? they do become true.

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